DotCom deadpool

Came across this article in Mint titled Dotcom deadpool returns as India’s start-up boom turns to bust

We have covered this topic in detail in the book as well as in many of the blog posts. A small list of these blogs is as under for quick reference:

It is always interesting

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Throwing money at every start-up without proper due diligence would look silly years later. Sachin Tendulkar came from Shardashram Vidyamandir School, but that does not mean that every Shardashram pupil would be picked up by the indian cricket team.

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History repeats …

Look at this interesting article about Indian start-up boom of recent times:

Dotcom deadpool returns as India’s start-up boom turns to bust

Sir John Templeton has famously said, “The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘This time it’s different’.”

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2016 – the year of Unicorns

Alexandra Suich has written an article in The Economist recently titled “The Year of the Unicorn“.

We will take up two points out of the article:

  1. Some of these unicorns are likely to file for IPOs
  2. FOMO (Fear of Mission Out) is a sentiment so common in Silicon Valley that it has its own acronym.

Now, the chances are that most of these Unicorns may not be easily available to Indian investors to invest in, in  spite of the IPOs, one important point comes to mind. At the same time, there could be some other firms that may raise money from the Indian IPO markets.

In the past, especially in the IPOmania, we have witnessed the FOMO phenomenon in India, too.

A word of caution: Be clear why you are investing in these IPOs, if at all. Please do not invest out of FOMO. Do your own analysis or take professional help before signing the cheque.

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