Hindsight is 20:20

Whether it is euphoria or panic, it is often only in hindsight that we can clearly see what it was. At the time, it often appears to be the truth. Every action appears to be rational and based on some fundamental factors.

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The $50 billion Internet company

Appearing before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on May 26, 2010, this is what Warren Buffett had to say:

“The Internet was going to change our lives, but it didn’t mean that every company was worth $50 billion that could dream up a prospectus.”


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As day comes after night and night after day, the financial markets will continue to see booms and busts periodically

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As long as decision making involves people with different motives, their opinions, decisions & actions will move markets in either direction

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Grouping assets together (e.g. by name or acronym) is a mental shortcut we love to take, e.g. BRIC, hot commodities, mid-caps …

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“The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘the time it’s different'” – Sir John Templeton

What is different in each episode of financial market cycles? What remains the same? Read the book “Rising The Roller Coaster – Lessons from financial market cycles we repeatedly forget”

First event to speak about the book was a super hit

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