Humans are pattern-seeking animals

Humans are Pattern-Seeking Animals! 

A man is a pattern-seeking animal. We see patterns where none may exist. We have seen Ganesh idol in the clouds and we have seen India map on highways between trees.
Those are fine, so long as our lives are not affected. However, when one starts putting serious money while looking at patterns, one may be in for a very big surprise.

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2016 – the year of Unicorns

Alexandra Suich has written an article in The Economist recently titled “The Year of the Unicorn“.

We will take up two points out of the article:

  1. Some of these unicorns are likely to file for IPOs
  2. FOMO (Fear of Mission Out) is a sentiment so common in Silicon Valley that it has its own acronym.

Now, the chances are that most of these Unicorns may not be easily available to Indian investors to invest in, in  spite of the IPOs, one important point comes to mind. At the same time, there could be some other firms that may raise money from the Indian IPO markets.

In the past, especially in the IPOmania, we have witnessed the FOMO phenomenon in India, too.

A word of caution: Be clear why you are investing in these IPOs, if at all. Please do not invest out of FOMO. Do your own analysis or take professional help before signing the cheque.

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Investing in IPO – what is the business of the company?

In the IPOmania in mid-1990s, many, blinded by their greed to make quick money, did not bother what the actual business of the firm would be.

When investing turns to speculation, which in turn becomes gambling, thinking about business is not required. While investing in a business, one must take a long term view – businesses do not make money overnight. It is the compounding that makes all the difference.

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Investing in IPO or pure speculation?

Buying shares in an IPO of a company yet to commence operations with an objective of selling at a profit on listing is nothing but speculation

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IPO mania of the mid-1990s

In the IPOmania or the IPO craze of the mid-1990s in India, application forms were sold at a price (unofficially)

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Man and mania

Tulipomania, Ulipomania or IPOmania – “man” is the common denominator in all “manias”


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