Imagination …

Humans are believed to be the only animals with the power to imagine. We can imagine situations that are not there yet, or events that have yet to take place. This ability has probably been one of the major factors behind all developments.

So when we are feared, we imagine the possibility of an event with unacceptable or bad outcome. And imagination of profit leads to en emotion known as greed.

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How much land does a man need?

Greed knows no end. The Great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy wrote a short story titled “How much land does a man need?” This story is a wonderful account of what greed can do.

If you haven’t read this story, I strongly recommend it.

Greed is a basic emotion. It can lead to ruins as the story suggests. One must be ambitious, but avoid greed.

In the financial markets, we have seen many falling prey to the greed and losing capital.

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Emotional or rational

When the stronger emotions of greed and fear take over, rationality is thrown out of the window.

“Riding The Roller Coaster – Lessons from financial market cycles we repeatedly forget” is a story of two roller coasters – one in the market (visible) and the other in our minds (invisible). The emotional roller coaster could turn out to be more harmful than the one outside in the markets.

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Man and mania

Tulipomania, Ulipomania or IPOmania – “man” is the common denominator in all “manias”


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Fear and greed

Both fear and greed are a result of what is happening in the external world – actually our reaction to the events in the outside world

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