IPO mania of the mid-1990s

In the IPOmania or the IPO craze of the mid-1990s in India, application forms were sold at a price (unofficially)

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Investor behaviour

Investor behavior is so predictably uniform irrespective of time, geography and vehicles of investment/speculation – Dr. Uma Shashikant

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Man and mania

Tulipomania, Ulipomania or IPOmania – “man” is the common denominator in all “manias”


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Perception of risks

We do not perceive risks when things go right and by the time we do, it is too late

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Why markets go bust …

The market can go bust for no apparent reason except that it had run up to irrationally high levels. Ditto for the reverse

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Portfolio protector

‪#‎RidingtheRollerCoaster‬ more like a portfolio protector../ hedge not a growth pill

  • P V Subramanyam