किताब के विषय में कुछ शब्द

पाँच शताब्दियों और चार महाद्वीपों की घटनाएं; निवेश के नए माध्यम हो या इक्विटी से लेकर स्थिर आमदनी, डेरिवेटिव्स, रियल एस्टेट  … सांस थाम कर रखिये  …. तुलिप बल्ब्स.

राइडिंग द रोलर कोस्टर – वे सबक जो बाजार हमें सिखाते हैं, लेकिन अक्सर हम भूल जाते हैं.



Humans are pattern-seeking animals

Humans are Pattern-Seeking Animals! 

A man is a pattern-seeking animal. We see patterns where none may exist. We have seen Ganesh idol in the clouds and we have seen India map on highways between trees.
Those are fine, so long as our lives are not affected. However, when one starts putting serious money while looking at patterns, one may be in for a very big surprise.

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Identifying bubbles

Typical characteristics of a bubble:

  • Rapidly rising prices
  • High expectations for continuing rapid rise
  • Overvaluation compared to historical averages
  • Overvaluation compared to reasonable levels
  • Several years into an economic upswing
  • Some underlying reason or reasons for higher prices
  • A new element, e.g. technology for stocks or immigration for housing
  • Subjective “paradigm shift”
  • New investors drawn in
  • New entrepreneurs in the area
  • Considerable popular and media interest
  • Major rise in lending
  • Increase in indebtedness
  • New lenders or lending policies
  • Consumer price inflation often subdues (so central banks relaxed)
  • Relaxed monetary policy
  • Falling household savings rate
  • A strong exchange rate


Source: “When Bubbles Burst – Surviving the financial fallout” by John P. Calverley

Cycle is the destiny

This is what the history of financial markets suggests. Cycle is the destiny. Cycles are destined. However, one tries – and that includes large corporate houses, or banks or financial institutions, or regulators, or governments – one cannot change the destiny. At most, one can only delay the inevitable.

Cycle is the destiny

What IFAs can teach clients about market cycles

It is very tempting for clients to be in the next best investment and one often regrets missing out on something.

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