Investors have the right to information – 2

We wrote about the investor’s right to information yesterday. Click here to read the post.

On interacting with someone, we realised that this can be misinterpreted as all the sellers of financial products are crook or frauds. A milder version of this interpretation could be that they are at least involved in mis-selling for their own benefit at the cost of the financial consumer.

Well, the intent of our post was not that.

Asking questions to understand the product one is investing in is very different from questioning someone’s integrity. Seeking information before investing is always the right approach and nobody can argue against that. This would mean while you trust your advisor, don’t do so blindly. This will also ensure that the advisor is alert and does not fall prey to the human emotions. If both the investor and the advisor keep doing their job, the likely outcome is going to be “win-win” for both.

#RidingTheRollerCoaster – 108


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