2016 – the year of Unicorns

Alexandra Suich has written an article in The Economist recently titled “The Year of the Unicorn“.

We will take up two points out of the article:

  1. Some of these unicorns are likely to file for IPOs
  2. FOMO (Fear of Mission Out) is a sentiment so common in Silicon Valley that it has its own acronym.

Now, the chances are that most of these Unicorns may not be easily available to Indian investors to invest in, in  spite of the IPOs, one important point comes to mind. At the same time, there could be some other firms that may raise money from the Indian IPO markets.

In the past, especially in the IPOmania, we have witnessed the FOMO phenomenon in India, too.

A word of caution: Be clear why you are investing in these IPOs, if at all. Please do not invest out of FOMO. Do your own analysis or take professional help before signing the cheque.

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2 thoughts on “2016 – the year of Unicorns

  1. You can write realms & realms on the need for potential investors or existing investors to be cautious while investing but what i have observed since the last 25 years in the financial markets is: EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER. Either the investor will learn from his mistakes or will sulk and stay away from markets forever. There is no middle path. People learning and implementing concepts picked up from reading blogs, books is a rarity. That may happen if the said person completely surrenders to you and says “Amit bhai, aap humare personal finance GURU hai, joh aap bolege, woh hum seekhenge aur kharenge” thus establishing GURU SHISHYA parampara as used to happen in the olden days.

    Of course, we as professionals should keep doing our KARMA without ever flinching from the end results.


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