“An enriching read” – Says Harish Keswani

Thanks Amit Trivedi, your book #ridingtherollercoaster was a very enriching read. Your perspective to both – the good financial times and the market scams – was enriching.

Keep writing!


Vinay Tewari found the book very well written and very absorbing

Amitbhai – just finished reading your book “Riding the Roller Coaster” … Very well written and very absorbing. I finished reading in just 2 days flat. Best part of the book is the simplicity in which it has been illustrated, making it easy for a common man to read and interpret it.

Fabulous job, Amitbhai!

Reading the book was a mind boggling experience, says Sandeep Bhushetty

Amit sir its Extraordinary experience¬†when I am reading this book…this opportunity I will take to express my feeling about this book…I feel you use Entire important events of Financial world and described with Indian context… When I am reading book it gives me lot’s of references and sequence of events…it’s mindboggling experience for me…You are always Mentor for Me….have great success for the book…Keeping writing and keep sharing Sir…Best Wishes

Gaurav Goyal finished reading the book the day he got it

This is what Gaurav Goyal has to write about the book:

Could not resist . finished reading book today itself. Thanks for such a beautiful gift to investors .

Swarup Mohanty finished reading the entire book with just one break …

This is what Swarup Mohanty has to say about the book:

I must say something. I have been totally out of reading books. I am good at reading articles, but have lost all patience for reading books. But I could easily read the entire book with just one break. It is Wonderfully written. I Loved the simplicity in communication. I am particularly impressed with how you chronologically put the events. I Was very happy that you included the Indian episodes. I think your book will remind the Indians of Mazda:)
I have not read another book which has opened my eyes to all the events in such a simple way! I have been gifting your book to many and all of them have thanked me for it. My colleagues too have loved it.
Thank you for writing it.

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